Three Scots And A Barman

Optional Extras!

We have many extra services available to you that you may wish to consider. The advantage of this is that you will end up saving money on some of the services we can provide as well as cheaper package price, instead of involving numerous parties.
We would be keen to meet you prior to the event to discuss which entertainment, sound and lighting package will best suit you and cover any queries you may have.

Additional music:

We can offer acoustic sets comprising of any combination of our four band members, which could include any of the following: acoustic guitar/s, cajon, lead vocal, backing vocal/s, bass guitar.

Solo Piano:
Our drummer Chris moonlights as a pianist and is available for solo piano sets either in conjunction with booking the band or separately. If your venue has a functioning piano – great! If not, Chris can bring his own full size keyboard and some lovely piano sounds.

Wedding Photography:

We have worked on numerous events alongside Roger Lever who aims to capture the unique essence of your day in snap shot moments which will last forever. You can learn all about his unobtrusive style of wedding photography here.